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Crafts Description
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Lokta plant

The raw material we use for making papers is the Daphne plant, locally called “Lokta.” It is acquired from the bark of the Daphne bush which grows abundantly in the Himalayan foothills and is collected and hand-crafted by Nepalese artisans. The bark is cleaned and cut into small pieces and beaten with a wooden hammer until reduced to fibers. It is then put into a metal drum, where ash and water is added to produce pulp. The pulp is then mixed with water and poured into wooden frames to dry in the sun. Upon drying, the pulp becomes a natural, eco-friendly paper, prized for its superior strength, durability and rich texture.

This natural paper is made at high altitudes in the Himalayan Mountains. There are no roads in the area and the only means of transportation are donkeys or small aircraft. The paper is processed in the city of Kathmandu employing women co-operatives and the small cottage industry using simple technology and ancient skills. There it is colored, textured or patterned before being made into journals and notecards.


Making Journal

At the final stage, the product is carefully and individually checked to uphold the standard of excellence we are proud to offer. Because our goods are handmade from natural fiber and are subject to changes in climate, there may be slight variations in size, weight and color that makes each product truly unique!

Craft Description

In the foothills of the Himalayas, the Daphne plant locally known as "Lokta" grows in abundance at altitudes over 6500 feet. The main raw material for manufacturing our product is Lokta plant. Our paper is made from bark of Lokta plant.

The Lokta bark is collected by local farmers and village co-operatives from the community forest. It is cleaned and cut into small pieces, beaten with a wooden hammer into the fibers and kept in a metal drum. Ash and water is added to it and boiled to form the pulp. The pulp is then poured into wooden frames and left in the sun light to dry. Thus, the natural cream paper is produced.

The natural paper is transported to our factory. The paper is graded for product making or various styles of papers making. We smoothen up the paper and use as content pages for our journal, stationery sets etc. We process the cream papers by coloring, hand block printing or silk screen printing with modern design which is used on covers of Journal, Albums, Stationery, and Boxes or Papers itself as final product for Gift wraps.

Social & Environmental Awareness

Our product are entirely Handmade using Lokta raw materials, simple technology and ancient skills of paper making. The papers and products are made by Village Co-operatives, small cottage industries in Nepal which employs mostly women and promotes Women Co-operatives.

We carefully choose our suppliers for raw materials so that during the process of paper making, we preserve the forest and environment. We purchase raw Lokta material and natural papers from co-operatives who are engaged in cultivation as well as re-plantation of Lokta plant in the forest. In addition to that, removing only bark from the plant actually promotes new growth and is beneficial to the plant. Like other plants, Lokta naturally re-grows after peeling off its bark within 4 years. Thus the controlled harvest and re-plantation of Lokta makes this paper a wonderful and Eco-Friendly Product. Further, the wastages from production, paper scraps and damaged papers is Recycled, hence it is used for making the natural cream papers.

Our products are individually handcrafted, so before final packaging, each product is individually checked to ensure superior quality. Our products are unique and special, and to maintain the high quality of the products and satisfaction for end users, we are committed to make nice innovative products with the finest quality. Lokta papers makes journal writing a wonderful experiences, connecting people with your thoughts written in natural pages of stationery is a unique way of expressing, and to share and relive memories in the floral albums gives a refreshing feeling. Our paper can be used for multi purposes like gift wrapping, creative craft & hobby works, scrap booking, decorative etc. We, at Giftsland take great pride in producing our papers and beautiful products, and hope that you will enjoy the same and use our beautiful handmade paper products.